Frequently Asked Questions

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In a formal sense, career development is the process of managing life, learning, work, leisure, and transitions across the lifespan in order to move towards a personally determined future, as defined by the Career Industry Council of Australia

Informally, it’s more than just work – because you are too. 

Career counselling helps you make choices that will work for you. It takes in all your life, not just work. It will help you reflect and create self-awareness in order to develop a more satisfying and meaningful direction in work, learning, and career transition decisions. Career coaching might only focus on work performance, though not always. 

On this website, the terms career counselling and career coaching are used interchangeably as they are generally quite similar.  

It’s similar in some respects. Career coaching at Good Work Consulting is delivered by a Registered Professional Career Development Practitioner and this means I will discuss your work in a career counselling style and will help you access and understand reliable labour market data, education and training options, and other information and resources, where appropriate. Life coaches may have different backgrounds, accreditation, and niches. 

I work with you to develop the skills to navigate and flourish in an ever-changing work landscape.  

That’s completely ok and normal! You don’t need a specific question in mind, you might just feel like things aren’t quite where you need them to be. I’ll help you get to the bottom of it. 

I will help you draft it, refine it, and most importantly, understand what content to include. Resume writing is a life skill, so I won’t write it for you, but I’ll coach you on how to do it. These skills transfer to different purposes and developing them helps you jump on an opportunity when it pops up. 

An RPCDP has been approved by the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) as meeting and maintaining an appropriate standard of education, training, and continuing professional development. To be approved as an RPCDP, individuals require a CICA-endorsed Graduate Certificate in Career Development or higher, or an equivalent career development specific qualification, and be a Professional Member of a CICA Member Association. 

I have a Graduate Diploma in Careers Education and Development with Distinction from RMIT University and am a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia. 

My areas of greatest experience are tertiary education and graduate careers, regional careers, generalist/non-specific professional careers, and mid-career transitions. I have special interests in the environmental sector, future work projections in Queensland, and decent work.

Absolutely! I offer zoom and phone options for all my appointments.