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With over 12 years of experience in higher education, I can provide careers and employability services to support your staff and suit your students’ needs. 

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Our Service for Universities

Projects and short-term staffing solutions supporting careers teams and academics.

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Complementing central careers services, not replacing them

Focusing on capacity building in academic staff

Adaptable, scalable delivery models

Earlier this year, we approached Tara to deliver several professional development workshops to our commencing veterinary students.

Even though Tara is not a veterinarian, her workshops were able to integrate the importance of teamwork and understanding yourself with a range of practical exercises suited to the target audience.

By using real-world in-context examples, she was able to reach our students and create awareness of how social and emotional intelligence will allow them to communicate more effectively. By putting in exercises to allow students to practice their newfound skills, she was able to demonstrate that these skills can be learned and are a crucial part towards the development of their professional identity.